HITE  has invested a lot in constructing high-power electronic R&D platform and the software and hardware R&D platform for intelligent manufacturing, developed a series of quality high-power electronic.


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Achievement Awards

Publish Date:2019-10-25

    2001 Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project Top 100: “HT2000 Internet Remote monitoring software V1.0”


    Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project Certificate: “HT2000 Intelligent Automatic Control Equipment for Large Cranes”


    Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples’s Republic of China Innovation Fund Certificate: “intelligent anti-swing control system of precise and simultaneous localization for general handling machinery”


    Shanghai Science Fair Gold Medal: “The Temporary Ship Lock of Three Gorges Bridge Machine Control System”


    The Fourteenth National Invention Exhibition Gold Medal: “Intelligent Pipeline Direct Water Supply Device”


    The Fourteenth National Invention Exhibition Gold Medal: “Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Supply Remote Control Device”


    National Defense Science and Technology Industry System—Pudong New Area Technology Cooperation Awards: “China Pilot Fast Reactor Computer Monitoring System”


    Pudong New Area Technology Development Fund Specific Fund: “anti-swing technology and Semiautomatic Controlling system technology for container bridge crane”


    Science and Technology Award: ” Container RTG Powered by Overhead Power lines Using Electric Power Generated by Diesel Engines”


    “乐投” Has the Honor to Win “Famous Trademark of Shanghai”



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