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Smart solution to IWORX - based pipeline corridor by HITE intelligent manufacturing

Publish Date:2018-09-10

Highly reliable IT software product - iWorx platform
Product description

HITE-IWORX comprehensive pipeline corridor monitoring software is a product independently developed by HITE from its years of experience in engineering projects. Through cooperation with various hardware systems, it can monitor the pipeline corridor’s subsystems continuously and reliably for 24 hours.
Eventually achieving:
a smaller size of the monitoring personnel and a lower management cost through the system’s effective management and coordinated responses at multi level;
timely notification to the public of the traffic information and public sharing of information through the dynamic knowledge of the various monitoring information about expressways via the system;
the traffic safety and reduction in power consumption that improve economic efficiency through the system’s intelligent automatic control scheme for tunnel wind turbine and lighting;
improvement of the management level and reduction in operational risks through the system’s intelligent management, its procedural emergency coordinated control plan and the treatment procedure;

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