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Flexible & intelligent workshop production and logistics system

Publish Date:2018-09-10

The flexible intelligent workshop production and logistics system developed by HITE allows the "seamless integration" of intelligent manufacturing and logistics, providing the ideal solution to the intelligent manufacturing and logistics integration with manufacturing enterprises and improving the overall benefits of manufacturing enterprises. It mainly includes:
The production mode is the steering manipulation of the intelligent dispatching center through the manually controlled equipment and WIP. Specifications for production process is controllable and the manual labor intensity of workshop production personnel can be reduced to the minimum.
The system guarantees automatically the avoidance of the mixing of different batches of products and enables the traceability of the entire process.

It optimizes the route of logistics, improves the efficiency of logistics, reduces the transportation cost of logistics, and reduce the supply disruption of production equipment.
It optimizes the planning of production scheduling, improves equipment using rate, shorten production cycle and improve workshop capacity.

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