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HITE Control and Stratus Technologies Signed a Contract to Develop Strategic Cooperation in IIoT.

Publish Date:2017-04-12

Stratus Technologies is a major supplier of fault tolerant computer servers and software, providing service to numerous global customers, including 8 banks in top 10 list, 10 pharmaceutical companies in top 13, emergency service provider and telecom providers in top 15. With offices across the entire continent of America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Japan, Stratus, as an expert of high availability field, is committed to protecting the critical business for customers.

As a leader in domestic industry informatization and automation field, and manufacturer with independent core technology and system integration service provider, HITE Control has been in a long-standing cooperative relationship with Stratus. With the aid of Stratus, Shanghai Hi-Tech Control has created its independent brand H&iServer and continuously launched new products, which laid a solid foundation for the development of intelligent manufacturing of HITE Control. In 2017, the cooperation between HITE Control and Stratus has reached a new level.

In Mar. 31, at the witness of media from many industries, Guo Mengrong, general manager of HITE Control and Mr. Dave Laurello, CEO of Stratus signed a contract on strategic cooperation of IIoT. The alliance between the two giants will accelerate the development of IIoT in China. Questions and concerns were raised from the media on the site. Ms. Shirley Yee, general manager of greater China of Stratus, Mr. Lv Qifeng, China sales manager, Wu Qiunong, vice general manager of HITE Control, and PhoenixNet,,, Chinese Business News, China Securities Journal, Securities Times and some other medias were present at the press conference.

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