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HITE Control Won the Intel 2016 Best Strategic Partner Award

Publish Date:2017-03-29

The Annual Meeting of Intel 2016 Data Center Partners sponsored by Intel was held in Fujian Wuyishan on December 20, 2016. During this two-day event, the TongXin partners from across the country discussed the demand change trend of the end users under the big background of Internet+ and Intelligent Manufacturing 2025. HITE control, as the industry leader of industrial informatization and automation, is actively promoting the integrated solution of "Internet + Manufacturing” and initiating in-depth strategic cooperation to apply the indusCloud (private cloud appliance) and H&i Server (fault tolerant server) developed based on Hyper-Convergence technology into the informatization solutions in intelligent transportation, manufacturing and other fields. HITE Control won the Intel 2016 Best Strategic Partner Award.

IndusCloud private cloud appliance adopts all-in-one cabinet design, with 1U X86 computational nodes and storage nodes embedded and network node space reserved. It could be flexibly applied in the enterprise-scale IDC cloud computing environment or HPC high-performance computing scenario for the purpose of bring revolutionary innovation and energy efficiency to the enterprises. 

H&i Server is a fault-tolerant server product that can truly solve the unplanned downtime. The operation guarantee of Zero Interruption makes it an ideal choice for real-time critical applications, including industrial SCADA servers, Historian database servers, MES DB servers, etc. The virtualization module is applicable for multi-application system integration such as MES, WMS and other applications.

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