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Endeavor to Create an Intelligent Pharmaceutical Factory

Publish Date:2016-07-06

The 51st National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo was held in Chongqing International Expo Center on April 20-23. As the world's largest professional exhibition of pharmaceutical machinery industry, this event has been held successfully for 50 sessions. This year, HITE Control showed a new image to professional audience with intelligent products developed by HITE, such as NetSCADA configuration software, NetSCADA industrial tablet, e-Control PLC, NetSCADA-MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and other related products. It also displayed, jointly with its partners, the complete solutions and successful cases with the combination of industry intelligent control technology and information technology in pharmacy, which fully embodies HITE’s years of exploration and practice in the field of pharmaceutical factory intelligentization.


NetSCADA TPC is more adapted to the pharmaceutical industry by application of narrow-bezel graphic design and RFID near field communication technology. E-Control PLC has full function modules that meet pharmaceutical machine factory’s requirements for control of different processes and equipment; e-Control PLC +MC has dynamic control module that realizes pairwise synchronousness among three axis and synchronous gear shifting, and gear rotational velocity on the exhibition reached 1000 teeth/minute. NetSCADA-MES reproduced the generation process of lyophilization electronic batch records (EBR) by simulating the entire technological process and operation flow, and using real-time animation and simulated data.


In more than ten years of active cooperation with considerable pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, HITE has been providing them with solutions to equipment automation control, data acquisition in process, electronic control technological renovation. HITE automation products has been successfully applied in fermentation tank, sterilization cabinet, lyophilizer, cleaning-drying and filling-sealing interlocking machine, capping machine, high-speed tablet press, capsule filling machine, cleaning equipment, weighing system equipment and etc. We establish good cooperative relations with well-known enterprises from the industry.


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