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HITE won three awards in “the 14th Annual Selection of China Automation"

Publish Date:2016-06-16

The evening of February 26, 2016 saw the "Grand Ceremony of the 14th Annual Selection of China Automation" held successfully in Beijing during "CAMRS 2016".


As a top event in automation industry, "Annual Selection of China Automation" is the oldest and the most popular annual review with the most transparent process and justest results in China’s automation filed. It is also an important part of CAMRS.


At this session of Annual Selection of China Automation, four categories of awards are selected including excellent individuals, outstanding enterprises, product application and marketing. HITE won three awards at this session: President Xu Hong was awarded the prize of operation management, indusCloud won the prize of intelligent product/solution, and E-Control series PLC won the prize of sample project for its application in electromechanical control system of Kaili-to-Leishan Highway Tunnel in Guizhou.


President Xu Hong has been leading HITE to increase investment in science and technology since its start-up. A municipal technical center was established in 2000, which was dedicated to the research and manufacturing of industrial automation and intelligentization products. It has been launching overall solutions to intelligent manufacturing including PLC, industrial control configuration software, network communication products, MES production system, industrial-grade redundant server, and big data industrial cloud. The company is committed to improving intelligent manufacturing in China, helping Chinese industrial control & automation enterprises head into Industry 4.0, and making innovations in industrial automation, informatization and intelligentization service models so as to build a unique HITE brand.


IndusCloud enterprise private cloud is an industrial private cloud solution that selects the most critical and the most stable component for the secondary development and optimization and incorporates fault tolerant technique of high availability in line with the specific needs of the industry based on an international open source project OpenStack cloud computing framework. It integrates standard servers, storage, network and security facilities to build independent integration framework of private cloud, cloud computing platform and cloud service system. IndusCloud industrial private cloud and its services are mainly designed for applications of enterprise data center including intelligent manufacturing and intelligent transportation. Unlike the Internet public cloud system, it is more stable, more secure, more flexible and more available.


TCP/IP Fiber Optic Ethernet is applied in uplink communication and downlink I/O extension of electro-mechanical monitoring and control system in Kali-to-Leishan Highway Tunnel in Guizhou. The system offers high operational reliability, strong anti-interference capability and quick data processing, and it also demonstrates high expandability, good economical efficiency and practicality, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The successful application of this system marks a breakthrough that a domestic self-developed medium-sized PLC was applied in this field for the first time, and provides experience and reference for expressway capacity-expansion engineering construction.

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