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To Ensure a Clear Expressway------HITE Control Attended the 18th China Expressway Informatization Seminar and Technical Products Expo

Publish Date:2016-06-16

The 18th China Expressway Informatization Seminar and Technical Products Expo, sponsored by China Highway and Transportation Society, organized by China ITS Journal and China Highway and supported by the Ministry of Transport of the P. R. C, was held from March 24-25, 2016 at International Exhibition Center in Nanjing.


Shanghai HITE Control System Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with series of self-developed products including H&i server, “indusCloud” private cloud, HI-SCOM industrial switch, e-control PLC, NetSCADA monitoring configuration software, which introduced to the audience the latest traffic information products and solutions.


Safe and reliable private cloud solution to expressway informatization  

“IndusCloud” private cloud is derived from the secondary development and fuctional optimization based on international standard open source cloud computing framework. IndusCloud builds a scalable, homebred, safe and reliable cloud computing solution that is in conformity with mainstream technology by applying standard X86-structure computing and storage super integration system, distributed storage system, safety protection system integrating software and hardware and highly available fault-tolerant computing system.


Highly reliable solution to roll collection monitoring system 


Highly available fault-tolerant servers are widely used in three expressway electromechanical systems: networking charging system, monitoring system and communication system. “Zero-second Failover” technology ensures that high-speed electromechanical devices and key informatization applications operate on a 7*24 basis. “Open Virtualization” technology supports integration and deployment of multi-application system, which reduces IT cost and enhances the flexibility.


Expressway Tunnel Monitoring Solutions 


HITE self-developed products including H&i fault-tolerant server, HI-SCOM industrial switches, e-control PLC, tunnel monitoring (Superview) perform reliable monitoring on various systems of each tunnel around the clock. According to the operation situations acquired from the tunnel subsystems, a joint operation of various systems is performed through linkage of subsystems of fire, emergency telephone and etc, which ensures the tunnel operation and personal safety, and improves the vehicle trafficability so as to divert traffic, prevent and alleviate disaster.


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