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HITE Claimed a Spot in National Torch Program for the First Time

Publish Date:2016-06-16

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a Notice of the 2015 Annual National Spark Program Projects and Torch Program Projects on its official website. The project of “Key Technology Research on High-power Wind Power Generation and LVRT (low voltage ride through)” by Zhejiang HITE Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., was listed into the 2015 Annual National Torch Program projects. It’s reported that a total of 6 Tongxiang-based projects were selected this year.


The National Torch Program is a national policy-based S&T program, aiming to commercialize, industrialize and internationalize China's new and high technologies, promote the new and high technological industrialization and transformation, upgrade traditional industries and accelerate economic restructuring and transformation of the economic development pattern. The approval of this project marks a major breakthrough for HITE Renewable Energy in competing for state program.


The products of this project provides excellent dynamic reactive current performance and stability by adopting active rectifier circuit topology, active crowbar, and unique flexible control technique of machine side converter. The project manages to surmount the technical difficulties confronting China to incorporate wind turbines into regional grids in a stable and safe manner, thus increasing economic results of wind power plant indirectly and stabilizing the operation of power system. It shows us a bright market potential and will obtain high economic benefits.

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