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New starting point, New journey of Hite----- the second phase establishing and launching in Tongxiang

Publish Date:2014-01-20

Recently, the second phase of Tongxiang project has been through the acceptance and put into use.


In 2012 spring, the second phase of Hite Tongxiang industrial park project was launched, through the establishing of one year, it was through acceptance in 2013 September. Nowadays, it has been in the process of the operation of its second phase with the staff and workers concerned moving in. The new production plant in second phase project boasts floor area of 25,000 square meters, plus the area of 20,000 square meters of the first phase, it has amounted to the total area of 45,000 square meters production base. The new production plant in second phase is mainly used for the production of complete manufacturing platform, storage and office work, staff canteen and dormitory.


The second phase launching of Tongxiang not only symbolizes the further progress of Hite to higher aim, but displayed its powerful productive ability.  Based on its perfect supply chain and excellent quality control system, Hite, by its higher start point, higher efficiency and higher reliability, is bound to meet the specialization demand of customers home and abroad, and to create biggest value for its customers.

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