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H&i SERVER 2110 Redundant Server was on sale

Publish Date:2014-01-20

Hite has released a new product of HITE H&i SERVER 2110 Redundant Server by the latest generation technology of Intel Sandy Bridge, and the product is the update product of 2100, it’s a big leap over 2100 no matter in the aspects of performance, extendibility, and maintainability.


As a redundant Server of high ratio of price and performance, the basic configuration of H&i Server 2110 can be operated simultaneously for three Virtual Machines (VM), it can be applied for limited-scaled Environment deployment. It can also be applied to small to medium scale of business system and productive management system, such as: manufacture executive system in factory, process control, the station level system, branch office, and other intolerable downtime occasions. 


H&i Server 2110 system has configurations of two host modules of standard X86‐64 frame, totally 4U frame type configuration, fits for fast, relaxing deployment. It has a single channel six core Xeon E5‐2620 processor, standardized 8GB DDR3 ECC storage, supplying 8 Enterprise level hard disk (RAID protection), 4 Gigabit Ethernet with basic configuration.


The product has preloaded with the sever level operating system of Windows Server or Linux Server on the demand of the customers. And the standardized system can be protected by the underlying fault tolerance free module with no extra set. The single software duplicate can not only save the investment cost but also simplified the operating process.


H&i SERVER has powerfully professional technological service team dedicated in joint R&D, production, testing, and after-sale service. The certified engineers, cooperative partner certification engineers in H&i SERVER in the regions all over the country can respond immediately, provide technological assistance and to guarantee the continuous and safe operation of user system in 24H×7 manner.

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