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H&i SERVER Redundant Server Got the First Order

Publish Date:2014-01-20

H&i Server redundant server, a self-owned brand of HITE has got the first order recently. In September, 2012, HITE signed the project contract on construction of safety information system in coal mines with Shanxi Huasheng Coal Ltd. It not only proved the perfect function and high usability of H&I Server redundant server, but also opened up application of server products self-developed by HITE into integrated management platform in coal industry.


Safety information system engineering of Huasheng Coal Ltd. is a key project of Taiyuan Coal Gasification (Group) Co., Ltd. The integrate management platform set up operation management center and control center for each coal mine division with the mode of application platform plus configuration software, realizing "Centralized dispatching, centralized monitoring, separated regulate and control". Through deployment of the safety information system in Huasheng, the standardized framework of mine automation and informationization have been set up.


In the project of Safety information system of coal mine, HITE make use of H&i Server redundant server, and the product of Industrial Ethernet switches etc., establishing a whole integrated systemic solution for the users.

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