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Simple, Reliable, Easy to Operate and Ceaseless Protection--- HITE H&i SERVER 2300

Publish Date:2013-02-28

Recently HITE has officially launched a redundant server--- H&i Server 2300, which is based on intel SandyBridge-EP Xeon processor and has powerful processing capacity. This new product makes breakthrough in both performance and visualization.


H&i Server 2300 is designed especially for data center on enterprise class or cloud computing environment, which is perfectly suitable for large-scale IT computing environment and can operate several visual client systems at the same time, such as center database, ERP, MES, and other systems that apply server integrated projects and can’t tolerate break-down.


H&i Server 2300 is set up with two host machine modules of standard X86-64 and the total 4U configuration is suitable for fast and easy deployment. Its standard configuration is two-socket eight-core Xeon E5-2670 series processor, 32~384GB DDR3 EEC internal memory and it supports eight SAS enterprise-class hard disks(RAID protection), 20Gb/s real-time and synchronous control network, and 4~16 GbE business network.

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