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HITE Helps Xuanli Special Steel Ltd. with Technology Renovation for 2,000,000 Tons Special Steel

Publish Date:2013-02-28

HITE Nanjing has won the bid of technology renovation project for 2,000,000 tons special steel from Tongling City Xuanli Special Steel Ltd. and has signed a contract of ¥10,300,000.


This project is located in Tongling City, Anhui Province, which is a project to acclimate national policy of movement to a different place. The project is constructed in two phases, and now it is on the first phase. HITE’s contract includes the low voltage distribution system for 850 m3 blast furnaces, the three electrode system for 80 tons convertor furnace and the tree electrode system for sinter plant project. The total amount of the contract is ¥10,300,000.


HITE Nanjing relies on its system integration experience in the area of industry automation for many years to win the bid. HITE Nanjing also provides top performance-price ration automation solutions according to customers’ demands and the aims of advance, mature, applicability, safety and reliability. HITE Nanjing has a complete after-sale service conception, and the service is open all year round, which lays the foundation to win the bid.

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