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HITE released HiServer redundant server with high reliability.

Publish Date:2012-05-07

On 15th December 2011, the new product release for HITE HiServer was held at HITE Pujiang Camp. HITEl general manger Guo Mengrong, US Stratus Technologies Asia-Pacific CEO Haruyoshi Iida, HITE  HiServer product team and industry clients and cooperators are all present at the product release.

HiServer is a high performance redundant server released by HITE and US Stratus Technologies. The product is designed as a dual-machine redundant server for the key service system, which aims to ensure the consistent, stable and safe running of the key services for the clients. The key technics in HiServer redundant server still follow to the Stratus fault tolerance tech, which origins from the fault-tolerance server of Stratus ftserver. However, it has competitive prices comparing with Stratus ftsever. The server is widely applicable to industry control, database center and informationized system. The release of HiServer extends the product series of HITE IT system solution and benefits HITE to provide the clients with more optimized and systematical server comprehensive solution. It takes 2 years from the concept, design, research and test to the final release.

Researcher said that the HiServer 2100 series released this time are only a start of HiServer series. The HiServer 2200 is at the test stage with higher performance and nice modeling, and is predicted to be released in June 2012.

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