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Jiaxing deputy mayor, Chai Yongqiang, visited and guided at HITE Renewable energy

Publish Date:2012-05-07

As the typical representative of Hi-Tech and start-up company in Tongxing, deputy mayor Chai Yongqiang and other delegates visited Zhejiang HITE Renewable Energy Co., Ltd on 29th August and had a conversation with the company managers, understanding comprehensively the technology innovation and  talent introduction of the company. Deputy mayor Chai Yongqiang said that he was gratified at the achievements of HITE Renewable Energy.

As the state key supported industry and important force of energy-saving and ejection-decreasing, the wind power industry benefits the nation and the people and will get a rapid development. As the professional manufacturer of wind turbine key components, HITE Renewable Energy insists on independent R&D and innovation and achieves excellent accomplishments. 1.5MW doubly fed wind turbine rectifier has been awarded the international key new product. The company has owned 23 patents and 5 Computer software copyright registration certificates. As a solution to the difficulties focused within industry, the fault ride through technique has been certified by China Electric Power Research Institute and Germany MOE. HITE Renewable Energy never stops but consistently overcomes difficulties. HITE firstly developed new generation FRT technology, promoting the development of grid-friendly type generating sets and contributing to the industry development.

Regarding the integration of production, teaching and research, the company has started the international cooperation with universities and research institutes including Zhejiang University, China Electric Power Research Institute and Germany MOE etc. In terms of platform establishment, the company has financed the establishment of high-power wind turbine rectifier laboratory with the advanced FRT test platform.

In terms of the talent introduction, HITE Renewable Energy owns an excellent professional team with members are all specialists on high-power electronics development and with rich experiences on wind turbine rectifier application, 80% of the researcher have master degree or above.

Deputy mayor Chai Yongqiang highly appreciated the accomplishments of the company of the technology innovation and talent introduction, and encouraged HITE to improve consistently.

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