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2011 Hite Quality Month Comes to a Successful Ending

Publish Date:2011-11-04

    One month lasting Hite quality month “Quality in My Heart” has come to a successful ending. Under the background of overall goals-“Effectively mobilize the applying of quality management system, improve the internal control management policies.” Hite issued series of quality relative activities which increased the understanding of employees to quality management. With the supports from leading cadres from all levels and the active participation of employees, these activities have yielded positive results and come to the target of improving the commonsense on quality. “Hite Quality Month” has 3 characteristics as following:

1.Abundant Contents, Different forms

    To attract more employees to get into the quality month, from the very beginning of the organization of this activity, Hite tried best to popularize quality knowledge in interesting forms, to lead to a dense and easy atmosphere of knowing quality and recognizing quality. With exquisitely made posters and pamphlets, the Quality Month was started.

    Abundant activities were held during the “Hite Quality Month” including collection for quality spirit slogan, contest on quality knowledge, special training of quality, and collection for gold ideas on quality. These activities fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to pay attention to quality and attach great importance to quality.

2.Learn and Communication

    In these activities, a great enthusiasm of learning quality management and internal audit. Lots of employees took the training class of ISO9001:2008. Totally 5 training classes and 51 employees finished the whole training program. Students got a general understanding on the basic concept and ISO9001:2008 standard in the training program, mastered the organization and implementation of internal audit on quality system. After the examination, these students became the protectors of quality system, and they were also capable to give advices on the implementation and improvement of quality system.

    Lots of people took part in the quality knowledge contest, totally 7 teams joined the final contest. The intense and thrilling contest not only boosted the atmosphere of the contest to the highest point, but also the activities of Hite Quality Month.

    The successful held of the first Hite Quality Month establish and strength the philosophy of “pay attention to quality and take part in quality”, mobilizing the enthusiasm of learning quality, playing a positive role in improving the quality management of Hite.

3.All People Involved, All Ideas Wanted

    In the process of applying the quality management, the involvement of all people is important. 47 and 9 Hite quality spirits and quality gold ideas were collected in the activities of collection for Hite quality spirits and quality gold ideas. With the active participation of the employees, we have more reasons to believe the better future of quality management of Hite.

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