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Hatching New Products, Making New Practise—2010 Exhibition and Election of Hite New Control Products and New Application Successfully Held

Publish Date:2011-11-04

    2010 Exhibition and Election of Hite New Control Products and New Application were held at Jun 1st 2011 at same time with the annual meeting.

    “Innovation driven transformation and development” was the topic of this exhibition. There were totally 25 technology achievements presenting in this exhibition, including the newest technology achievement from Hite and some successful applications of Hite in some emerging industries such as water treatment, high speed rail, security, hoisting, heating and ventilating, Which showed Hite’s effort on independent products and application practice research, keeping hatching new products, new application.

    After assessing by the juries and site voting, independent product WINGREEN wind turbine from Hite new source energy and independent netSCADA MES monitoring system from Hite electromechanical business division won the first prize. Separable ERTG auto-connecting power wagon from hoisting business division, secure data network solution for high-speed dedicated passenger line implemented by Wuhan division and e-Control PLC system researched by R&D division won the second prize. Wulumuqi city Hedong sewage treatment plant auto-control and information system implemented by Hite Chengdu division, AFE products from e-Control department of Hite new source energy, energy-saving update solution used on grab ship unloader of Ma Steel implemented by Hite Nanjing division and Hi-SCOM security monitoring system solution from new system product marketing department won the third prize.

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