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Hite New Source Energy Win Applause on CWP2009 Wind Energy Exhibition

Publish Date:2011-11-04

    CWP2009 Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition is organized by Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) and Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA). It is a large-scale high quality  exhibition, having far-reaching influence.

    Pavilion of Hite New Source Energy is mainly green, which is also the color of WINGREEN. It is collocated with Hite Blue to reveal the wish of Hite New Source Energy to develop green energy and protect green earth under the support from Hite Control Group. In the exhibition, new source energy companies represent their philosophy and R&D achievements. WINGREEN 1.5MW Double Feedback wind turbine converter which has passed the certification wins the recognition of all the visitors. Visitors also have great interest in the 1.5MW Double Feedback wind turbine converter.

    This exhibition is not only a opportunity of representing new technology, but also a channel for exchange. Hite New Source Energy will do its best to provide reliable and robust wind-electricity converter and relative services with high performance-price ratio.

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