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Announcement from Shanghai Hite Control System Co., Ltd. on Donation to The Earthquake

Publish Date:2011-11-04

    7.8R earthquake happened at May 12nd , 2008 strikes Si Chuan Province Wen Chuan City, taking lives of lots of people. After receiving this news, Hite announced the proposal “Take action, delicate your love, Wen Chuan need your salvation” to stock company and all the subsidiary companies, calling for donation to the earthquake area.


Up to May 23th, 2008, Hite raised 260 thousands Yuan from it stock company and subsidiary companies, and 249235.7 Yuan from it employees, totally 509235.7 Yuan. The donation above will be sent to Red Cross Society of China to be used for the reconstruction of the earthquake area.

Hite expresses it condolences to people lost lives in the earthquake and will pay attention to the situation of Si Chuan earthquake.


Shanghai Hite Control System Co., Ltd.

Trade Union Committee of Shanghai Hite Control System Co., Ltd..

May 23th, 2008

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