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Hite Control Successfully Landing A Share Market

Publish Date:2011-11-04

    9:25 in the morning of 2007.11.16, Yue Yong, vice director of Standing Committee of the Pudong New Area People’s Congress, and Xu Hong, chairmen of the board and general manager of Shanghai Hite Control System Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Hite Control) knocked the “Open Bell” at Shenzhen Stock Exchange together, witnessing Hite Control’s successfully landing A share market. From then, Hite Control became a public held company.

Hite Control issued 28 million new shares this time. Issue price: 12.90 Yuan. Securities Code: 002184.

Money raised this time will be invested in 7 projects as following:

High performance hoisting and transmission automation system project;

Value-added service network of system integration constructing project;

Digital control and computer simulating system of nuclear power plant project;

Electric control equipment integration project;

Machinery equipment eCONTROL control system project;

Electric control system of wind turbine project and Enterprise Technology Center project.

These projects are all aiming at consolidating and strengthening the existing business model “general system integrator”. They can improve the competitiveness of company’s existing business with competitive advantages and technical content. They can give greater scope to get cooperation benefit, improve the integrating ability, persist in the joint development of products distribution and system integration, while create a favorable conditions for company to focus on the electric power, municipal transportation, machine building and other dominating industry. They are helpful in focusing on important and competitive field and keeping the growth trend of business scale.

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