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Flexible, convenient, Control Source—Hite Control released new product -- e-Control PLC

Publish Date:2011-08-29

    Hite product launch of e-Control PLC was held in Shanghai headquarters of Hite Control, on June 27th, 2011. Company executives, division General Managers and related researchers joined this conference.

    e-Control PLC is Medium-sized PLC, which is independent researched and developed by Hite. e-Control series controller based on High speed backplane bus system architecture, which adhering to Hite’s rich experience in automation field, as well as rich technical resources of proprietary technology of integral dedicated controller series products. Four types (Order, process, information, motion) of automation control are gathered into one system. It is used in the industrial controller applications, such as pharmaceutical, photovoltaic, tire, central air conditioning, water treatment, textile machinery, injection molding machines and other machinery and equipment.

    It consists of the CPU module, power supply module, digital quantity module, analog module, high speed counting module, and control module. CPU integrated Ethernet, USB, CAN and RS232 / 485 communication interfaces. It has the advantages of compact structure, flexible configuration, convenient mathematical calculation, strong communication ability and service customization features, and could be seamless integrated with Hite’s NetSCADA industrial tablet PC and software.

    In the stage of Q&A of the conference, Participants were asking questions enthusiastically, and be interested with product of e-Control PLC. General manager of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Jun Wang, product manager of e-Control PLC Shan Jiang, answered these questions patiently.

    New industrial tablet PC of NetSCADA—Series Atom and Series I5/I7, with 8 inch sized,12 inch sized, 15 inch sized and 17 inch sized, were launched by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.

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For more product information, please call,

Jun Wang, 13501974288

han Jiang, 13501972643


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